The Lodge at Lake Dillon
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Important information to consider when you purchase at the Lodge

The Lodge at Lake Dillon

There are 53 units at The Lodge at Lake Dillon. Each unit has a living room/kitchen side and either one or two bedroom/den sides. Units with one bedroom/den side are "B" units. Units with two bedroom/den sides are "C" units. Each bedroom/den and kitchen/living room has a door to the inside hallway. Hence a "B" unit has two doors and a "C" unit has three doors. There are two units with only a bedroom/den. These have only one door and are called "A" units. Dues and fees are assessed on a per door basis.

Construction is poured concrete. Heat is gas hot water. Water and sewer are provided by the Town of Dillon. These utilities as well as cable television are a shared expense and are paid from the monthly dues. Electricity is individually metered and is paid by the individual unit owner.

Amenities include a swimming pool, opened in the summer, and a hot tub, opened all year. There is also an exercise room and coin operated washer and dryers.

There is a right of first refusal clause in the declarations. This means that any unit which has a contract on it must be offered to a present owner at the contract price. The right expires in 30 days. It is the selling owner's responsibility to fulfill this obligation.

Please contact your realtor for units listed on the MLS